M+ 2ml Sample Set
M+ 2ml Sample Set

M+ 2ml Sample Set

Discovery Set
  • The notion of a signature scent is always appealing, but can the thrill of a new one ever be underestimated? Here, Molecule 01 takes on a new guise as our M+ range pairs Iso E Super with naturals fusing the linearities of the aroma-molecule and the voluptuousness of the naturals.

    Hovering close to the skin, like an olfactive dance, the Molecule + range combines the best of nature and science with a breakthrough formula in each composition.

    This M+ 2ml Sample Set is kitted out with all three new diminutive M+ offerings perfect for any sensethusiast's fragrance wardrobe, featuring Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood, Molecule 01 + Black Tea, and Molecule 01 + Ginger.

    Geza Schoen: "Molecule + is perfumery deconstructed. You don't need dozens of ingredients to make a great fragrance. In fact, the opposite is true. Minimalism brings clarity."

    All three gender-fluid fragrances are so unabashedly sexy one spritz, and their wearers will be imbued with confidence.

  • Molecule 01 + Black Tea Molecule 01 + Ginger Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

  • Iso E Super + Black Tea Iso E Super + Ginger Iso E Super + Guaiac Wood

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